Judges Demand

German Client – Large Debt Resolved & Recovered…

Published On: 13th December 2011

Judges Demand were recently contacted by a large company based in Germany who operate in the Electronics Industry. The company contacted us as result of our services being recommended to them by a business associate who was delighted with the services that we had supplied.

After a conversation between the parties the German based company registered with Judges Demand and instructed us to recover several ‘bad debts’ owed to them.

One of the ‘bad debts’ had been ongoing for some time and had reached a balance of over £40k. However, after immediate contact from Judges Demand and several telephone conversations we succesfully came to an amicable agreement for the debt to be cleared in 4 monthly instalments.  

All of the instalments have now been received and paid to our Client who is also delighted with the service and the recommendation that he has received.