Judges Demand

£10k Recovered Upon Interim Charging Order..

Published On: 25th February 2013

We are pleased to report another great recovery for one of our Clients in the construction industry.

Our Client had a sum of around £7k outstanding for many years and after instructing Judges Demand several instalment plans were arranged with the debtor but the debtor failed to adhere to each plan arranged.

It soon became apparant that the debtor was either unable to afford the instalments or was simply avoiding payment. Upon the advice of Judges Demand legal proceedings were issued by our Client and a CCJ obtained.

We then discovered that the debtors house was placed up for sale and we immediately advised our Client to enforce the CCJ with a charging order. An interim charging order was soon obtained and we served the same on the debtor and the debtors Solicitor who was acting on their behalf in relation to the property sale.

After a few short weeks the debtors property sale completed and the full amount under the Interim Charge was paid.

The Client is delighted with the result as he had almost given up on obtaining any funds back from this debtor before instructing Judges Demand.

Testimonial to follow.!