Judges Demand

City Enforcements Ltd..

Published On: 24th July 2013

We have today been interviewed by trading standards regarding the conduct of City Enforcements Ltd who were recently wound up by our Solicitor acting on behalf of one of our Clients.

We are aware that, unfortunately, there were alot of other Clients of this company who did not receive funds that they had recovered on their behalf. This behavior is unnacceptable and we sincerely wish that trading standards do everything in their power to ensure that the owners of the company receive the full punishment that they deserve.

As a gesture of good will Judge’s Demand are prepared to take on any previous Clients of City Enforcements Ltd completely free of charge on the provision that you are able to show us the contract that you had with them.

We hope that this offer manages to reach anyone that suffered a loss due to the actions of City Enforcements Ltd and hope that our offer will help you to realise that we are not all the same.

Kind Regards
The Partners of Judge’s Demand.