Judges Demand

£9,000.00 Recovered following Statutory Demand

Published On: 5th November 2013

We are pleased to report that we have today recovered just under £9,000.00 from a limited company following receipt of a Statutory Demand served on them, the first stage of Winding Up Proceedings.

The debtor claimed the balance was in dispute due to defects with our Clients work however, our Client refuted this claim and had evidence that the work had be signed off following completion. Clearly this was a delaying tactic to avoid payment however, we still gave the debtor 3 opportunities to supply his dispute and supporting evidence but nothing was ever received.

Therefore, the Statutory Demand was personally served on the Director of the company last week by a licences process server and we have today received direct payment in to our account for the full balance.

This is another great result for Judge’s Demand and our Client is very happy with the outcome.