Judges Demand

£1,800.00 Rent Arrears Traced and Recovered

Published On: 12th May 2014

We can report that we have successfully recovered just under £1,800.00 from a private individual on behalf of a Letting Agent in relation to outstanding rent arrears.

Initially, we were required to trace the debtor as they had absconded from our Clients property and failed to provide a forwarding address. We managed to trace the debtors new address within 24 hours.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary, after some telephone negotiation it was agreed the debtor could repay the balance in 2 installments over 2 months. The first was received without delay and the final payment has now been received and transferred to our Client.

Our Client is extremely pleased with the outcome and has already referred a business associate to us who is suffering from rent arrears.