Judges Demand

Boat seized by our High Court Enforcement Officers – £9,000.00 Recovered

Published On: 16th May 2014

We made direct contact with the debtor on behalf of a Building Company in relation to building work carried out on the debtor property. We supplied the debtor with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary.

The debtor contacted our office and claimed the matter was disputed but failed to supply evidence after numerous requests.

We were instructed to proceed with County Court Proceeding, the debtor made an application to dispute the matter and the case went to a hearing. Our Client attended the hearing along with a Solicitor arrange by Judge’s Demand. The debtor was unsuccessful with there dispute and our Client was awarded a CCJ (County Court Judgment) against the debtor for the total balance and costs incurred.

We then proceeded to instruct our expert HCEO (High Court Enforcement Officers) who attended the debtors property. Upon attendance the HCEO seized a speed boat that was located on the driveway, the debtor confirmed ownership of the Boat as it was currently up for sale with the debtors contact details on the port side.

The boat was seized but the debtor was advised that the sale the boat would only reach a fraction of the value the debt therefore, household goods were seized in order to pay the balance.

4 Days after seizure the debtor called our HCEO and made full payment of the balance in order to keep his boat and other assets.