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We Can Recover Your Debt, Even When Others Have Failed

Published On: 22nd July 2014

Over the last couple of weeks we have received an increase in companies and private individuals contacting us to pursue outstanding debts that they have pursued themselves or via a Solicitor or another Debt Recovery company without success.

We are proud to report that the majority of these instructions have now been recovered. This is of course great news for our Clients and great news for potential new clients who have tried to recover the debt by other means previously.

Every debt is different and what may work for one debtor, may not work for the next, we tailor our approach depending on the debt.

Some example are below:

Letting Agent ‘V’ Private Individual – This matter had originally been dealt with by a Solicitor who was trying to contact the debtor however, the debtor then moved address and failed to supply a new address. Unfortunately the Solicitor was unsuccessful in tracing the debtor and therefore could not make contact or proceed with legal proceedings.

We were instructed on the matter and within 24 hours we managed to trace the debtor and issue our initial letter to them, shortly after receiving our letter the debtor called our office and offered to pay the balance in two installments. The first payment was received without delay and the final payment has now been received. This settled a debt of £1,100.00.

Equine Veterinary Practice ‘V’ Sole Trader – This matter had originally been dealt with by another debt recovery company who had failed to receive a response or payment.

The Client was initially sceptical about using another debt recovery company due the previous companies failure to collect. However, following reassurance and outlining our procedure for this particular debt we were instructed to proceed with recovery.

The debtor ignored our initial letter however, once we spoke to them directly and advised of our potential action against them and the process that would follow they decided to make payment in full in order to avoid legal and enforcement proceedings. This settled a debt of £1,600.00.