Judges Demand

£3,049.00 Recovered for Scaffolding Company

Published On: 24th November 2014

We can report that we have successfully recovered just over £3,049.00 from a Limited company on behalf of a Scaffolding Company in relation to products and services supplied.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary, shortly after receiving our letter the debtor advised the matter was disputed.

We requested the debtors full dispute in writing with supporting evidence, the debtor supplied a dispute however, our client did not except there dispute as they had evidence which contradicted the debtors dispute.

We were instructed to proceed with County Court Proceedings with a view to enforce the Judgment if necessary.

The debtor filed a dispute and the matter eventually went to a hearing. Upon the Judge reviewing both parties documents a Judgment was awarded in our Clients favour.

Shortly after Judgment was awarded our Client received payment in full.