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Some of our smaller recoveries today

Published On: 6th May 2016

We make hundreds of recoveries daily for a variety of our Clients, some of today’s are detailed below.

£874.82 Recovered for New Client (Commercial Cleaning Company). The debtor responded to our initial letter and upon resolving a couple of minor issues the debt was paid.

£656.64, £326.25 and £695.37 Recovered for Telecommunications Supplier.

£986.25 & £530.62 Recovered for New Client (Private Day Nursery). The debtors paid directly in to our bank on receipt of our letter.

£785.00 Recovered for New Client (Property Management Company). The debtor claimed the matter was in dispute but refused to supply any evidence. We explained to the debtor our next course of action should he fail to supply us with his dispute, it then transpired he had no dispute at all and was simply trying to delay matters, upon further discussions with the debtor the balance was paid in full and within 16 days of receiving the instruction.