Judges Demand

£18,008.27 Recovered following Statutory Demand

Published On: 24th May 2016

We can report that we have successfully recovered £18,008.27 from a Private Individual on behalf of our Client, another Private Individual in relation to a CCJ.

Our Client originally tried enforce the Judgment via HCEO however, this was unsuccessful and our Clients Solicitor advised him to ‘put the lottery on, as you will have more chance of winning the lottery than getting your money from this guy’.

The debtor made contact at our offices following receipt of our letter and claimed he had no funds or assets and therefore, could not make any payment. Our Client was already aware that he may try to claim this. However, upon further investigations it transpired this his claim was totally untrue and there was in fact some concerns that the debtor may have acted fraudulently.

Due to this Bankruptcy proceedings were commenced without delay.

A Statutory Demand was served on the debtor by a Licenced Process Server. The debtor had 21 days to pay the balance in full or 18 days to apply to set aside the demand.

We received notice from the debtor that he was due to attend a Bankruptcy hearing in the coming weeks for a larger debt he owed to another Creditor, we obtained details of the Petition and advised the Petitioning Creditor’s Solicitors that we wished to support the Petition.

The matter was adjourned to a later date as the debtor made payment to the Petitioning Creditor and we were due to take over the carriage of the Petition.

The debtor’s Solicitor made contact and offered a full and final settlement which was rejected, they offered a second full and final offer of settlement which was again rejected.  We have today received payment in full of the original CCJ amount along with all associated costs incurred.

Our Client is extremely happy with this outcome and will be sending us a Testimonial shortly.