Judges Demand

£1,200.00 Full and Final settlement agreed and paid same day

Published On: 19th July 2016

We are pleased to report that we have today recovered £1,200.00 from a Private Individual in relation to rent arrears and damages due to our Client, a Property Management Company.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary.

The debtor disputed the debt but refused to supply any evidence or make any attempt to resolve the matter.

Our Client instructed us to proceed with County Court Proceedings.

The debtor filed a Part Admission offering to pay  a settlement amount of £1,200.00 on a monthly basis at £70.00 per month.

This was rejected by our Client however, they confirmed they would accept £1,200.00 in full and final settlement if paid today.

We have today received payment direct in to our account today.