Judges Demand

Another Happy Client – Testimonial Supplied – Farming Industry

Published On: 25th July 2016

We are pleased to have received a testimonial from another happy Client, this Client specialises in the supply of farming equipment and products.

Very happy with the service from Judge’s Demand. We’ve been Clients for a number of years and make use of their debt recovery services intermittently. They’ve recently recovered a large debt for us, in full, with all the costs. Didn’t cost us a penny. We’re also in the process of receiving monthly payments from a bad debt we’d written off a couple of years ago. JD successfully negotiated with the debtor to triple his initial offer of a monthly payment.

We also makes use of JD’s Credit Checking service, a request for which is responded to very promptly, which has enabled us to avoid supplying credit to potential bad customers.

Very pleased with the service from the JD team, particularly Penny, who has been our main contact over the recent debts recovered. Have always received honest and forthright advice and have been kept informed throughout the process.