Judges Demand

859200 Icelandic krona recovered from Iceland

Published On: 5th August 2016

We are pleased to report that we have today recovered 859200 Icelandic krona from a company based in Iceland in relation to products supplied by our Client, a Bolt Manufacturing Company.

Our Client chose to use Judge’s Demand experience in International recovery to recover the outstanding balance without the need for legal proceedings.

The debtor responded to our initial letter and claim to have never received any goods.

We supplied evidence of shipping and a copy of the signed delivery note, upon them investigating  further it transpired the person who signed the delivery note no longer works for the company.

We stressed that as the products have been shipped and signed as delivered the balance must be paid and that they should carry out their own internal investigation.

We have today received full payment direct in to our account.

Our Client is very pleased with this outcome.