Judges Demand

£37,482.00 Recovered for Custom Aquarium Manufacturer and Installer

Published On: 29th November 2016

We can report that we have successfully recovered £37,482.00 from a Private Individual on behalf of a Custom Aquarium Manufacturer and Installer in relation to products and services supplied.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary.

The debtor made contact on receipt of our letter and advised we would hear from his Solicitors, he also said ‘i am a very wealthy man and my lawyers will make sure your Client doesn’t receive a penny’.

We received a letter from his Solicitors claiming a multitude of issues which were completely untrue.

We requested evidence of these ‘issues’ surprisingly, the Solicitors said they would only supply the evidence if we took his Client to Court.

We therefore proceeded with County Court Proceedings.

Upon receipt of the claim form the Solicitors made contact with us and advised his Client was prepared to pay 50% in full and final settlement, this was rejected by our Client.

Our Client was prepared to go to Court, along with our Solicitors to fully support his claim, we and our Client still hadn’t received any evidence of the ‘issues’ raised.

3 days before the hearing was due to take place our Client received the full balance direct in to his account.

Our Client is very happy with the outcome as the debtor had completely refused to make payment prior to our instruction.