Judges Demand

Be careful what you wish for! Balance received in full after High Court Enforcement Officers make first attendance.

Published On: 24th March 2017

We can report that we have successfully recovered £1,689.00 from a Ltd Company in relation to machinery rental.

We made initial contact with the debtor company and advised them of the balance due to our client, the debtor advised that the balance was in dispute but refused to provide this in writing and invited court action to be commenced.

We tried to contact the debtor on numerous occasions to resolve the matter without the need for legal action but the debtor would not respond to our communication and as a result of this legal proceedings were issued for the full balance.

We obtained a County Court Judgement against the debtor but again no response or payment was received in relation to this, High Court Enforcement Officers were instructed to enforce the County Court Judgement and after a single attendance the balance was paid in full.