Judges Demand

£6,003.03 recovered from Ltd Company in relation to courier services.

Published On: 3rd May 2017

We can report we have successfully recovered £6,003.03 from a Limited Company in the Transportation Industry in relation to courier services.

We made contact with the Debtor Company who made a partial payment of £2,000.00 four weeks ago, after further contact we then received a further £500.00.

After this payment was made the Debtor Company refused to make any more payments and enter any further communication with ourselves.

A Statutory Demand was issued and served on the Debtor Company and we can confirm that we have received the remaining balance of £3,503.03 today, 45 minutes before the 21 day period expired since the service of the Statutory Demand to prevent a Winding up Petition from being issued the next day.

Another great result from Judges Demand!