Judges Demand

New Pre-Action Protocol

Published On: 16th November 2017

You may or may not be aware but a new Pre-Action Protocol was brought in to force on the 1.10.17 with regards to debts being pursued by companies from individuals.

The new protocol states that the company pursuing the debt from the individual must serve a new letter before action that allows the debtor 30 days to respond and it must also be served with a response pack much like the response packs that are served with Claim Forms.

Judge’s Demand Ltd have been serving these new pre action letters for some time now where relevant in order to avoid any disrupted service to our pre action procedure.

Please note that if you were a company and were to issue legal proceedings on an individual (after 1.10.17) without first serving the 30 day letter then your claim may well be struck out due to a failure to comply with the new Pre-Action Protocol.

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