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Shopfitter Debt Recovered

Published On: 23rd November 2017

We are pleased to report that we have this morning recovered a sum of £17k in relation to a disputed debt owed to our Client who is a shop fitter.

Our Clients full claim was for just under £20k and had been outstanding for several months due to the debtor disputing the matter due to a list of snags.

Our Client had already attended to 2 previous snag lists provided by the debtor so we informed them that they were not legal obliged to keep attending to more snags as this could go on for a long time.

After carrying out our dispute resolution with the debtor we received an offer of just over £17k from the debtor and the Client was happy to accept this to resolve the matter and avoid any more snags being attended to.

Payment was received today and sent to our Client who was pleased with the result. Testimonial and review to follow.