Judges Demand

We are so good, even debtors recommend us

Published On: 22nd February 2018

Judge’s Demand over the last 6 months has seen an massive influx in previous debtors and debtor associates contacting us in order to take advantage of our lifetime debt recovery service.

Sometimes a debtors failure to pay their debts may be due to non-payment of an invoice due to them. Even though this means they are technically trading insolvent it does not change that these outstanding monies are due to them and of course any business that suffers from ‘bad debts’ will encounter a negative effect on their ability to pay suppliers etc.

We have been contacted by many previous debtors wanting to become a member of Judge’s Demand, these companies have seen first hand how much effort, time and hard work we put in to every debt and would like us to carry out this same approach against anyone who owes them money.

Do you have any outstanding amounts due to you such as overdue accounts, overdue invoices an outstanding Court Order or County Court Judgments, if so, contact us today on 0151 329 2138 or info@judgesdemand.co.uk and we would be happy to discuss our lifetime debt recovery service.