Judges Demand

£4,560.00 recovered for Timber Merchant

Published On: 13th November 2018

We can confirm that we have recovered the amount of £4,560.00 for our Client in the Timber Merchant industry from an individual.

Our Client advised us that the debtor was disputing the amount and they were no closer to resolving the matter with the Debtor. We actioned the case immediately and received direct contact from the Debtor advising us that they would not be paying the outstanding amount due to an ongoing dispute. We liaised with our Client and the Debtor and a payment plan was established in order to resolve the outstanding amount. We advised the debtor that should the payment plan not be adhered to, our Client would be looking to pursue the matter further and they would be liaible for any further costs involved. The debtor kept up with the agreed weekly instalments and we have today received the final amount.

Another great result for our Client! Keep up the good work Judge’s Demand.

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