Judges Demand

£17,700.00 recovered on behalf of our Client in the film industry

Published On: 7th December 2018

We have successfully recovered £17,700.00 from a Limited Company in relation to unpaid services.

The debt had remained unpaid for a number of months and was starting to cause cashflow problems for our Client, they therefore instructed us to assist in recovering the outstanding balance. We actioned the case immediately and the debtor made contact with us advising that the debt was disputed. We requested details from the debtor in relation to the dispute, however nothing was received. We advised the debtor that our Client would be pursuing the outstanding amount by issuing Legal Proceedings and they would be liable to pay the added costs. The debtor made contact with us and advised that they would like to resolve the matter as they did not want a CCJ against the company. We asked the debtor how they would be resolving the outstanding balance and they advised and upfront payment of £15,000.00 and the remainder to be paid by the end of this week. We have today received the remaining balance into our account.

Our Client is extremely pleased that the matter has now been resolved and the case can now be closed. Excellent work from Judge’s Demand!

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