Judges Demand

£3,233.00 rent arrears recovered

Published On: 6th March 2019

We can report that we have successfully recovered £3,233.00 from an Individual in relation to rent arrears.

The debtor failed to adhere to the payment plan that was agreed between our Client and themselves, to which our Client was finding it very time consuming and frustrating chasing the Debtor, therefore they instructed us on the matter. We contacted the Debtor and advised them of the outstanding balance with a request to how the balance would be repaid. The Debtor advised that they would only be in a position to repay the the debt via instalments in order to keep up with current rent. Our Client accepted the payment plan and we advised the Debtor that should the payment plan not be adhered to then they would be responsible for any further costs incurred. We monitored the payments and can confirm that we have now received the final instalment which our Client is extremely pleased with.

Another very happy Client! Keep up the good work Judge’s Demand!

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