Judges Demand

£5,000.00 recovered in relation to Rent Arrears

Published On: 27th March 2019

We can report that we have successfully recovered £5,000.00 in relation to rent arrears.

Our Client had no contact details for the debtor so we initially had to run a Track and Trace. The debtor was located and we proceeded to recover the rent arrears on behalf of our Client.

Due to technicalities the rent was not paid, however, we explained that it was through no fault of our Client’s and the rent would still need to be paid. After a long telephone conversation the debtor advised that they were unable to make payment, we therefore pursued the Guarantor. 

We received payment in full from the guarantor, which is an excellent result for our Client and us.

Our Client is extremely pleased as they initially had no contact details for the debtor and therefore they thought the chance of making a recovery was low. Keep up the excellent work Judge’s Demand.

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