Judges Demand

How many times should you chase Debtor(s) before instructing Judge’s Demand?

Published On: 4th February 2020

In simple terms, None.

Creditor’s often think that they should have chased for payment prior to instructing a Debt Recovery Company, but the fact of the matter is, once your payment terms have expired, payment of your invoice is now overdue. It is recommended that you start to actively pursue payment immediately, and how you wish to do this is up to you.

You could always take time out of your day to call the Debtor(s) and hear another excuse as to why payment hasn’t been received, or, take time out of your day to send yet another email to receive no response, OR you could instruct Judge’s Demand.

By instructing Judge’s Demand, we enable you to continue with your day to day tasks safe in the knowledge that we are working tirelessly to recover your ‘’bad debts’’.

Give yourself one less thing to do on your daily task list.

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