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How long have I got to chase a debt?

Published On: 6th February 2020

This is a question we are often asked when we receive enquiries, here at Judge’s Demand HQ.

In short, you have 6 years to issue legal proceedings on a debt you are owed. However, this ‘limitation period’ starts from the time of the last payment or correspondence/acknowledgement of the debt, not necessarily from the time when the contract between the parties was originated.

Any debts that are active under six years can still be recognised and valid for a Debt Recovery company to pursue and if needs be, to enforce.

By instructing Judge’s Demand to handle your debts, you can carry on with your day, knowing that your cases are being handled by our highly experienced and skilled Account Manager’s. We will always advise you on the options that are available, providing you with our opinion on what option we think will be the most effective, with an aim to resolving your case. The staff here at Judge’s Demand handle a variety of debts each day, therefore possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge on how best to deal with each matter.

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