Judges Demand

Collecting money from customers

Published On: 17th February 2020

Collecting money from customers is a task that needs to be carried out in order to maintain a healthy cashflow. Of course, some customers are brilliant and always pay on time. Other’s however, need to be chased constantly, which can be a job in itself.

It is not uncommon to have customers who deliberately pay late, but there are procedures YOU can put in place in order to minimise disruption to your cashflow and the day to day running’s of your business.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, but this is not always possible and you can reduce the risk of your invoice’s never being paid by instructing Judge’s Demand. Once instructed, we will action your case immediately; a proven fact that the sooner we make contact with the debtor the higher the chance of a successful recovery.

Once you have joined, our Lifetime Membership package gives you access to a number of benefits and it means that you have taken the step required to deal with your overdue invoices.

Contact our team to see how we can assist on 0151 329 2138 or info@judgesdemand.co.uk