Judges Demand

The benefits of using Judge’s Demand

Published On: 1st April 2020

When speaking with many prospective clients we are frequently asked “Why do I need to use a debt recovery company such as Judges Demand Ltd”.

There are many reasons that may differ depending on the situation that each potential Client has at the time but the main reasons to consider ourselves are:

You only pay a once only Lifetime Registration Fee to register with us for the lifetime of your business. All future charges are based upon successful recovery and you will therefore never receive any unexpected bills or bills based on hourly rates.

This means that our service is very cost effective

Once registered you are able to refer an unlimited number of cases to us for recovery. It may be that you have 1 case now or 100 and then another 100 at some point in the future. This does not increase our costs at all.

This means that our service is very cost effective

We provide Dispute Resolution as part of your Lifetime Membership. So, even if you have a debt that is disputed and you are unsure of how to deal with it, we can assist you with this and will work our hardest to resolve the matter and avoid legal proceedings having to be issued.

This makes our service even more cost effective

We take the frustration away by dealing with your customers who refuse to pay. This means that you can continue with the day to day running of your business and concentrate on the matters that make you money now safe in the knowledge that we are actively dealing with your bad debtors.

This makes our service even more cost effective

Unlike solicitors we will never charge hourly, monthly or annual fees. Again, this means that you will not ever receive any unexpected bills from us.

This makes our service even more cost effective

How much time do you spend chasing unpaid invoices or late payments or dealing with disputed invoices? Contact Judge’s Demand today for a free no obligation consultation. We can definitely save you time, remove all the hassle of dealing with clients who just refuse to pay and at the same time increase your net returns.

Contact us on 0151 329 2138 or info@judgesdemand.co.uk