Judges Demand

We Do What Others Cant…

Published On: 20th April 2011

In December 2010 Judges Demand were instructed by a new Client regarding a debt that related to an event they attended in June 2007.

The total outstanding debt totalled just over £3000.00 and as they were unable to obtain payment the Client instructed another Debt Collection company in 2009. After numerous letters the debtor seemed to bamboozle the Debt Collection company by claiming that the matter was disputed and also owed by a charity organisation that no longer exists.

The Client had written this off until they spoke to Judges Demand in December 2010. After reviewing the full file of papers it became apparant to us that the initial instructions to the Client were made direct by an individual and not any charity as claimed. Infact, the charity organisation were not mentioned in any part of the instructions. It was also clear to us that the alleged dispute was not valid as the Clients terms and conditions clearly state that any dispute must be raised within 60 days of invoice and the first dispute they raised was some 2 years later.

We made these points clear to the debtor and when payment did not arrive we began Bankruptcy Proceedings. This prompted the debtor in to making full payment to us plus all incurred costs and interest.