Judges Demand

Another Construction Dispute Resolved…

Published On: 6th June 2013

Judge’s Demand were instructed in January 2013 to deal with a construction dispute of £20k that been ongoing for some time.

After our initial actions on the matter it became apparant that the parties were miles away from each other in their negotiations and as our Client was very confident of their claim we advised them to issue legal proceedings to progress matters further.

Our Client took our advice and issued legal proceedings and a defence and large spurious counter claim was filed by the Defendant and their Solicitors were appointed.

Having a Solicitor appointed by the debtor was a perfect opportunity for us to contact them directly at this point and explain the evidence that our Clients holds regarding the matter and the outstanding balance. We did this and shortly after we received a settlement offer of £5k from the debtors solicitors. this amount was rejected and after further negotiations had taken place we reached a settlement of £15k and avoided further Court Proceedings.

Our Client is extremely happy with the result as they had seen it going all the way to a hearing with substantial legal costs and fees neing incurred.