Judges Demand

£42,000.00 Recovered for Building Contractor

Published On: 25th March 2014

We can report that we have successfully recovered just under £42,000.00 from a private individual on behalf of an Building Contractor in relation to products and services supplied by our Client.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary. The debtor agreed payment would be sent on many occasions but nothing was ever received.

As there was no dispute with the balance and we were aware of assets owned by the debtor, it was agreed the next best step would be to commence Bankruptcy Proceedings and proceed with the initial stage of a Statutory Demand.

A Statutory Demand was served on the debtor by a licensed process server and the debtor had 21 days to pay the balance in full.

On the date of service we received a call from the debtor offering to repay the balance in 2 installments over the next two weeks. We can confirm we have received the final installment payment today settling the total balance and bringing the matter to a successful conclusion.