Judges Demand

£11,000.00 Recovered via a Third Party Debt Order for a Glass Manufacturer

Published On: 21st July 2014

We can report that we have successfully recovered just under £11,000.00 from a Limited company on behalf of Glass Manufacturer in relation to products and services supplied by our Client.

We made direct contact with the debtor and supplied them with full evidence of the claim and outlined our Clients intentions to pursue this matter further if necessary, after some telephone negotiation the debtor agreed to pay the balance in full the following week however, the debtor failed to make this payment as agreed and then ignored all correspondence.

Our Client knew the debtors bank accounts details due to receiving part payments in the past and therefore instructed us to proceed with County Court Proceedings with a view to enforce the Judgment via a Third Party Debt Order should they fail to respond.

County Court Proceedings were issued against the debtor and due to the debtor failing to respond to the claim a County Court Judgment (CCJ) was awarded in our Clients favour.

Following Judgment we received a call from the Finance Director advising that payment would be authorized and sent to us within the next 7 days. However, this failed to happen and we instead received a payment of just £2,500.00 and an email offering a proposed payment plan.

Our Client declined the proposed payment plan due to there fail to keep to promises in the past and the fact the matter had already been outstanding for over 9 months. The payment was deducted from the balance and we then proceeded with a Third Party Debt Order, as funds were available in the debtors account these monies were secured and paid to our Client.

Our Client is extremely pleased with the outcome and payment has been transferred to there account.