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Testimonial received from Chartered Accountant

Published On: 26th September 2016

‘Dear Sirs,

This is just a short letter thanking you for your efficient and superb service you give me in collecting my outstanding debts after my retirement as a chartered accountant.

I had chased clients time and time again, but with limited success. i ‘Googled’ ‘Debt Collectors’, found your firm and contacted you. You agreed to act for me on the telephone straight away, even tough i was many miles away from you geographically appointing you has been one of the best business decisions that i ever made. You have chased my debtors and recovered thousands of pounds for me, for which i am sincerely thankful.

If any other prospective clients approach you, you are very welcome to show them this letter and if they wish to contact me direct, they are most welcome.

Once again, many many thanks.’

Chartered Accountant