Judges Demand

£4,586.00 Recovered from Germany

Published On: 21st November 2016

We are pleased to report that we have today recovered £4,586.00 from an individual based in Germany in relation to products paid for but not supplied.

The Client chose to use Judge’s Demand experience in International recovery to recover the outstanding balance without the need for legal proceedings.

The debtor made contact on receipt of our letter and claimed to have sent the goods but failed to provide proof on 3 occasions.

We contacted our agents in Germany who advised the legal route they will take against him, we gave the debtor one final chance to pay in order to avoid legal action and further costs being incurred.

We have today received payment in our account for the full balance.

Our Client is extremely pleased with the outcome as they had lost all hope in ever recovering these monies due to the debtors jurisdiction and failure to respond to their letters.

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