Judges Demand

Persistence is the key! Full balance recovered from Care Home in relation to training services.

Published On: 27th March 2017

We can report that we have successfully recovered £1,556.48 from a Care Home in relation to training services.

Our litigation team were instructed to recover a balance from a care home for the third time in five years, our litigation team attempted to make contact with the debtor but no-one was available to take the call.

After leaving numerous messages and sending further correspondence no response was received from the debtor and the need for legal action was looking more and more likely, in a final attempt to recover the balance our litigation team made daily telephone calls to the debtor outlining the consequences of non-payment, on the final day the debtor telephoned our offices and paid the full balance by card.

Our litigation teams persistence ensured there was no requirement for legal action and our client is extremely happy with the outcome.

Well done Judges Demand!