Judges Demand

£500.80 recovered from Private Individual on behalf of Limited Company.

Published On: 12th July 2017

We can report that we have successfully recovered £500.80 from a Private Individual in relation to care hire fee’s.

The Debtor telephoned our offices and firstly advised that this balance was not due, upon submitting evidence showing the balance was outstanding the Debtor then claimed to have paid the balance directly to our Client some months ago, however, they were unable to provide evidence of this transaction.

Our litigation team informed our Client of these claims and our Client advised that they had not received any payment from the Debtor. We therefore made contact with the Debtor and advised them of our Clients response.

Furthermore we advised the debtor that unless evidence of payment made, or,  payment in full was received by close of buiness on Friday 14th July 2017 our Client would be proceeding to issue legal proceedings.

Payment was received in full today.