Judges Demand

Are you owed any payments at all? If so, read on………

Published On: 17th April 2018

At Judge’s Demand there is no job too big and no job too small so if you have any outstanding accounts whatsoever please contact us to discuss them.

We are proud of our honest approach and our business development team will be happy to discuss any bad debts that you may have and tell you honestly if we can help and how. If there is some reason why we cannot assist you with your bad debts, i.e. your debt maybe statute barred, then our team will tell you and explain the reasons why.

However, it is very rare that we cannot help and once we are instructed the results speak for themselves.

So if you are a builder, a vet, an architect, an accountant, a plumber or any one else that is owed money please contact us today on 0151 329 2138 or info@judgesdemand.co.uk