Judges Demand

£16,000 recovered on a £8,000 debt……..

Published On: 10th May 2018

We were instructed by one of our Accountancy Clients to recover a balance of £8,000.00 that had been outstanding from a limited company for some time.

After failed attempts to resolve the matter with the debtor legal proceedings were issued and the balance was increased to include the Court Fees, interest, late payment compensation and debt recovery costs. The debtor failed to respond to the legal proceedings which resulted in a County Court Judgment being registered against the debtor. As the debtor still failed to pay the balance of the Judgment we proceeded to enforce the same using our High Court Enforcement Officers. By the time they attended the debtors property, gained access and were forced to call a removal vehicle to remove the debtors belongings the balance had increased to £16k and at that point the debtor made a full payment to the High Court Enforcement Officers.

We have now received the balance from the High Court Enforcement Officers and sent the same over to our Client who is, of course, ecstatic with the result.

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