Judges Demand

£4,160.00 recovered in relation to Plumbing & Heating Services

Published On: 20th November 2018

We can report that we have successfully recovered an outstanding balance of £4,160.00 in relation to unpaid Plumbing and Heating Services.

Our client had been chasing payment for a number of months but was fed up of chasing the debtor as they had been promised payment on a number of occassions, therefore they instructed us on the matter. We actioned the case immediately and the debtor failed to respond. We continued to chase the outstanding amount exhausting all possible methods of contact and made direct contact with the debtor. The debtor advised us that they would not be paying the outstanding amount as they didn’t have the money. We asked the debtor if they were able to set up a payment plan in order to clear the outstanding balance but the debtor was reluctant to work with us. We advised our Client that the best way forward would be to issue Legal Proceedings. We obtained a CCJ against the debtor and put forward the list of enforcement options available in order to get their invoice paid. Our Client wished to proceed with the High Court Enforcement Officers. We have today received correspondence from our HCEO’s reporting that they have recovered the balance in full including all added costs. We have let our Client know the successful outcome! Another excellent result for our Client and great work and advice provided by our Account Managers.

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