Judges Demand

£7,890.00 recovered for Advertising Agency

Published On: 18th December 2018

We can report that we have successfully recovered the amount of £7,890.00 from a Ltd Company in relation to services provided.

Our Client had provided a service but their invoice remained unpaid, therefore they instructed us to recover the outstanding balance. We actioned the case immediately, but received no contact from the debtor. We pursued the Debtor via other methods of contact and managed to speak to the Director of the company who requested copies of the outstanding invoices for review. We supplied copies of the invoices and the Director advised that they would be making payment of the full amount by the end of this week. We have today received the amount in full into our account.

Our client is extremely pleased with the result as the outstanding amount was starting to affect their cash flow. Great work by our Account handlers here at Judge’s Demand!

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