Judges Demand

3 year old CCJ recovered in full!

Published On: 5th February 2020

We are pleased to report that we have recovered the amount of £5,740.00 in relation to a CCJ that was awarded to our Client 3 years ago.

Our Client, an individual in the lettings industry thought that because they had been awarded the CCJ, that they would then receive payment immediately from the debtor. Unfortunately, obtaining a CCJ does not mean that the debtor will pay you and you may have to enforce the Judgment to obtain the funds that you are lawfully due.

Our Client was unable to pursue the matter for some time due to other commitments, however, at the end of last year, they instructed Judge’s Demand to pursue the debt for them.

We actioned the case immediately and advised the debtor of our Clients intentions to enforce the debt should payment not be made. An agreed payment plan was established and we have today received the final instalment.

Our Client is extremely happy with the quick result. A 3 year old CCJ recovered by the staff at Judge’s Demand within 6 weeks. Fantastic work JD.

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