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Don’t fall victim to your Debtor’s excuses

Published On: 5th February 2020

Unfortunately, it is very common for debtor’s to ‘delay’ payment of invoice’s, and most of us have heard the many different excuses used in order to avoid payment.

  • I haven’t received the invoice
  • My dog ate the invoice (believe it or not, this excuse has been cited)
  • The cheque’s in the post
  • My Director is not in the office and needs to sign off the invoice before I can pay it

The excuses listed above are just some of the reasons given for non-payment, but the staff here at Judge’s Demand are used to companies and individuals resorting to ‘every trick in the book’ to delay the payment of invoices. Just when you think you’ve heard them all, up pops a new one.

Thankfully, with the knowledge, experience and expertise of the staff here at Judge’s Demand, you can rest assured that we are no ‘soft touch’ when it comes to getting your invoice’s paid; a statement that can be backed up by our fantastic success rate of 88% of money recovered without the need for legal action.

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