Judges Demand

£1,700 recovered for Children’s Nursery

Published On: 13th February 2020

We are pleased to report that we have recovered the amount of £1,700.00 for our Client who is in the Childcare industry.

Once our Client had instructed us on the matter, we actioned it immediately. The debtor made contact with us and advised they would not be making any payments as they believed money was not owed. Due to wealth of knowledge and experience of our staff we were able to provide details of why the money was owed but the debtor still defended the matter.

We advised the debtor of our Client’s intentions to proceed with legal action should payment not be made. The matter progressed to court and at the hearing the debtor was unsuccessful with their defence, thus our Client being awarded judgment.

The debtor has now settled the amount in full, which our Client is very pleased with. Another right result thanks to the highly experienced staff at Judges Demand.

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