Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Agents and Debt Collection Agency

We provide a very unique and specialist debt recovery and collection service to our Clients.

Once our Client has registered with Judge’s Demand for the lifetime of your business we will accept instructions on any ‘bad debt’ matter that you may be experiencing now or at any time in the future.

There is no debt too big, no debt too small and of course with our knowledge and experience there is no debt too difficult for us to manage.

The debt recovery procedures and techniques that we have adapted are extremely effective and successful and our current 90% success rate speaks for itself.

Our Clients benefit from a dedicated account manager appointed to them who will personally deal with all of their bad debt matters, advice and queries.

We always aim to recover all of our Clients bad debts without the need for them to issue any legal proceedings however, sometimes a debtor just will not pay or raises a dispute.

On occasions where our Client has to issue legal proceedings against a debtor we will fully advise our Client of all of the options available along with the full legal fees involved. We will also inform our Client of our best advice based on our knowledge of the case in particular and our previous experience. We will assist our Client in the issue of legal proceedings but we do not charge any additional administration costs for this. This enables our Client to rest assured that we are supplying them with our best advice that we believe will get them the best result and not the advice that will enable us to make any financial gain.

We are fully supported and backed by specialist Litigation Solicitors who are selected, by us, for their expertise in debt recovery.

On any strongly contested matters or Insolvency matters our Solicitors will supply our Clients with their legal, expert and (most importantly) honest opinion before any additional legal costs are incurred. If our Client was to proceed upon the advice supplied they will also have the benefit of our Solicitors services at a reduced rate. Again this is massively beneficial to our Clients.

Enforcing a Judgment

1. Obtain a Warrant of Execution for the County Court Bailiff’s to take action. The bailiffs will attend the debtors property to recover payment or assets to the value of the debt.

2. If the debt is above £600.00 then we can instruct the High Court Enforcement Officers to transfer the matter up to a High Court Writ and take further action. HCEO will attend the debtors property to recover payment or assets to the value of the debt.

3. We can obtain an Attachment of Earnings Order against the debtor if they are in employment. The debtor will be ordered by the court to provide employment details, once received the court will contact the debtors employer and order them to deduct a percentage from the debtor wages until the debt is paid. Failure to comply to this order may result in the debtor being sent to prison for contempt of court.

4. We can obtain a Charging Order against the debtor’s property if they own it. The charge will be against the debtor’s property and they will be unable to sell or remortgage the property unless the debt is paid.

5. We can apply for an Order for the Debtor to attend Court for Questioning. The debtor will have to attend Court with full details and evidence of their income & outgoings i.e. bank statements, rent statements, etc. If the debtor fails to attend the hearing they may be sent to prison for contempt of court.

6. Enforce the Judgment by way of a Statutory Demand which is the first stage to Bankruptcy and Winding Up Proceedings.

If you would like to know more about our debt recovery services please feel free to contact us.