Judges Demand


We instructed Judges Demand following working with several earlier debt recovery agencies that left the business feeling sceptical.  Judges Demand got to work straight away giving immediate results.  We are extremely satisfied with both the fantastic customer service and the tangible results we see month after month. I have no hesitation in recommending this great family run business to any industry and I’m sure the business is destined for great success.

Property Management Company

We have been most pleased with the services received from Judge’s Demand. Obviously, a debt collection company is something one never wishes to need to use in business, but our past experiences with them have been both pleasant and professional. Communication is very good and the staff are always helpful and friendly. Many thanks to all concerned.”

Catering Company
We were introduced to Judge’s Demand by a colleague who had found them to be diligent and successful. We gave them our list of ‘bad boys’ and three were resolved very quickly. Outstanding monies were paid and agreements came to a satisfactory close. The remainder are making their way through the legal system and we expect to have all our outstanding debts settled.

Julie and Nick have been attentive and professional. Their calmness has helped us to see these problems more rationally and their advice has been accurate. We have already recommended them to a neighbour with similar problems and their thoroughness is helping him to resolve his unpaid debts.

Leasing, Loans and Hire Purchase Company

I would like to thank you for all your help recovering the debts owed to the Nursery. As you are aware we are a very small family run business and cash flow is always a problem. With your help we recovered some of the monies owed and we still have a few cases in your very capable hands.

It is good to know that we can rely on yourselves to recover money owed to us and help secure the future of our business.

Private Day Nursery

Many thanks for all your hard work chasing debts on my behalf. I had always chased my own debts in the past with various levels of success! Having passed to you, those debts that I had almost given up hope of ever seeing payment, I have nothing but admiration for your tenacity and effective chasing and I am delighted to see that we are making tremendous headway.

Your regular updates are very detailed and much appreciated and leaves me to believe that my debts are in great hands.

Estate Agents

Just wanted to put a few words together to thank you for the great work you have done to recover a debt we have had for a few years now.
At first as you know we were highly sceptical as we had been contacted by another Debt Recovery service and after paying an Admin fee the service we received was terrible with no results. Nick assured me that every effort would be made and regular updates would be given, true to form we were kept fully up to date with information on our case.

You got the full balance of our debt and we were paid promptly on settlement, to say we are happy with your service is an understatement and we will recommend you and your team to all colleagues in our industry.

Inflatable Goods Rental

Judges Demand handled an outstanding payment for us.
They dealt with it quickly, professionally and most importantly successfully.

Blinds and Window Shades Company

I would just like to say a huge thank you in helping us retrieve some of our outstanding debts.

We have recently moved from a business to business enviroment to dealing with the general public and it quickly became apparent that they were not as keen to pay their bills as we had previously encountered.

After unsuccessfully trying to reclaim these bad debts ourselves, we turned to you and have been very pleasantly surprised at the high reclaim rate you have achieved.

The communication from you to is great and you always manage to point us in the right direction regarding what action to take.

Once again thanks a lot.

PPI Reclaim

J Moss Developments specialise in property lettings and had a range of ‘bad debts’ going back several years when we chose to employ Judges Demand nearly a year ago.

Judges Demand have been extremely helpful in taking the weight of these ‘bad debts’ from our shoulders and have achieved some great results in the process. They also report to us on a fortnightly basis without fail that keeps us right up to date with all the cases that they are handling for us.

We are extremely happy with the service that Judges Demand provide to us and the close working relationship that we have. We would gladly recommend their services.

Property Management Company

Just a quick note to say a big ‘Thank you’ for all the help and advice you have given to us since working on our behalf. It is reasurring to know Judge’s Demand is on hand to relieve the work load and the pressures of arrears chasing.

We appreciate the detailed reports we receive keeping us up to date with ongoing cases, thus enabling us to keep our clients informed.

I would highly recommend you and your company to any business where chasing payments is necessary.

Property Management Company

We wanted to drop you this letter by way of appreciation and thanks for managing the situation we presented to you.  When Nick first called our office his non-pushy approach and agreement to communicate by email was a relief from the hard sell companies who call regularly to offer these services. For us, it saved long-winded phone calls and having email response kept the situation clear and concise as well as being easy to circulate to our Directors in order to move the situation forward and monitor the ongoing progress.

We are completely satisfied with the way our bad debt was handled and achieving a successful result within a short time-frame enabled our company to finally replace all our computers which in turn gave a hugh boost to the whole company.


Just a short to thank you and your team for your hard work. I have always found your advice to be professional and efficient and your service to be very affective. You have always been extremely responsive to enwguires and the management of claims we have mad has always been of high order.

Architects and Interior Designers

The Grange Veterinary Hospital would like to thank Judge’s Demand for the great work you have done to recover our debts that we have had.

Judge’s Demand have been extremely helpful in sorting out our bad debts and have achieved some great results in the process.  They also report to us on a fortnightly basis without fail and that keeps us right up to date with all cases they are handling for us.

We are extremely happy with the service that Judge’s Demand provide to us and the close working relationship we have.  We would gladly recommend their services.

The communication from you is great and you always manage to point us in the right direction regarding what action to take.

We have found Hollie to be very efficient and we thank her for all her help in the past and future.

Veterinary Hospital

I just wanted to write to thank you for all your hard work in recovering the significant debt from a customer of ours.

You did a great job chasing the customer for the money owed.  I was impressed with the professional manner in which you did this and the clarity in which you communicated with the customer.

I also valued your advice in preparation for the court case and the negotiation with the customer which avoided going to court and saw a very large part of the money paid to us.

I have no hesitation in using you again and in recommending you to others.

Computer Software Company

We employed the services of Judge’s Demand in 2010 after receiving a very poor service from another recovery company, this left us skeptical about using a debt recovery company again. However, we were assured that every effort would be made to recover our bad debts and true to form they achieved some great results.  We appreciate the detailed reports we receive on a fortnightly basis.

I would highly recommend the services of Judge’s Demand to anyone who has any outstanding debts.

Packaging and Disposables

I have no problem in recommending you to other companies as the service that i have had has always been quick and efficient, you have been able to explain the process of approaching the debtor and the legal process that sometime follows…very clearly, this is why i have stayed with you.  Many other companies similar to yourselves simply give up when the debtor fails to reply.

Property Management Company

We are a small family run Carpentry business and obtained a contract to fit out all the bedroom furniture in a hotel in York.  We received payments initially as promised. then nearing the end of the build the company we were working for refused to pay, we were owed in the region of £20,000.00.

We have been in business for many years and had never encountered this problem before, we were completely at a loss.  After many months of ignored emails and calls to the company, we took advice from our accountant who recommended Judge’s Demand.  Due to the fact that we had never been in this situation before we were very wary of instructing a debt recovery agency and unsure that it would work.

A meeting was set up and Nick came to our home to discuss his business.  We never once felt that we were given the ‘hard sell’ , if anything Nicks obvious wealth of knowledge was very reassuring and my husband and I were kicking ourselves for not getting in touch with him earlier.  Nick left us with a list of information that he required to help our case and he took over everything from there.  Nick contacted the company on our behalf and because of knowing the law and knowing how to put a letter together correctly got a response, something that we had failed.

In the following months we received regular updates from nick and his team as to what position our case was in, we felt that Nick was doing everything possible to win our case.  It was very apparent that Nick knows his business well, but if there was anything legally that Nick felt unsure about he would contact his solicitor colleague just to clarify there were no grey areas.

The involved from having a bad debt is very high and we had many sleepless nights, but the reassurance and regular calls that we received from Nick certainly took a lot of the pressure off.  If we ever needed to get in touch with Nick and his team they are only a phone call away and if Nick was in meetings that day he would return our call as soon as possible, almost always the same day.

After months of Judge’s Demand hard work we managed to settle for an out of court amount, which was very near the figure initially owed.  There is no doubt if we would have tried to pursue this case ourselves we would have received nothing.

We cannot recommend Judge’s Demand enough, they are always professional but very approachable too.

If we are ever unfortunate to find ourselves in a similar situation, we would not hesitate to use them again, no question.

Carpentry Contractor

We have been pleased with the services received from Judge’s Demand. We are a very small business and cash flow is always an important issue. From our experiences we have found them to be both pleasant and professional. The constant communication and feedback is very good and with your help we recovered all of the monies owed sent your way. Thank you

Recruitment Company


This letter is a testimonial to the excellent service that we at Lindway Scaffolding Ltd continue to receive from Judge’s Demand in respect of our debt collection issues.

The manner in which you approach work and the communication you feedback to us is always excellent and allows us to concentrate our efforts on other things.

The most recent matter that you dealt with was sorted out within a matter of weeks prior to that we had been pursuing the issue for over 6 months with no success whatsoever.

I have no hesitation in recommending Judge’s Demand to any potential customer who is faced with bad debt issues that are becoming more and more common in light of the current financial climate.

Scaffolding Company

Just a note to thank you for the professional way your company dealt with recovery of monies owed to us.

I have no hesitation in using you again, and recommending you to others.

Road Surfacing and Civil Engineering Contractors

I just thought i would take the time to write to you and thank Julie Glass and the team at Judge’s Demand for recovering an overdue account from one of our trade customers, with debts dating back to December 2013.

I must admit i was doubtful that you would recover any of the balance as the credit report we ran when we first became concerned and before working with Judge’s Demand didn’t fill us with confidence. The Director has had numerous businesses which were no longer trading, and several similar businesses all trading from an address, not to mention the bright red warning on the credit report.

However, we passed the account to Judge’s Demand. Needless to say the customer tried to weasel their way from paying invoices, disputing one in particular. Julie kept us informed of developments and listened to our position and stance. Within weeks Julie recovered all the invoices not in dispute, and finally arranged 50% settlement of the disputed invoice.

As a small family business you took a huge weight from our workload, and recovered our money in a timely and professional manner. We are delighted with the service provided and have already passed on a further debt from November 2013.

Sign and Print Company

We first required the services of a Debt Recovery Agency in February this year (2014), a customer owed us a substantial amount of money and we’d done everything we could to obtain payment but were told ‘we have no money, and will pay you when we can’,along with being dismissive and rude.

We asked our accountant if there was a Debt Recovery Agency he could suggest we use. He informed us of his own previous experiences using several different agencies and the only company he would recommend was Judge’s Demand as they had always been professional and had managed to obtain settlement for him in one particular case where another agency had failed.

On contacting Judge’s Demand and after an informative conversation clarifying our position, how they would handle the case and also other situations they could be of assistance, we had no hesitation utilizing their services.

Judge’s Demand sent an initial letter to our Customer and with constant consultation with ourselves, a payment was received almost immediately, an instalment plan was agreed and all outstanding debt was paid within 5 months, a result we had little hope of obtaining.

Handing over our bad debt Judge’s Demand took away the stress, the relief was almost immediate like you don’t have to think about it anymore . We had constant expert helpful advice and were assured if anyone would do their upmost to obtain our bad debt Judge’s Demand would.

Supply and Installation of Shop Equipment

Judge’s Demand done in four weeks what I was trying to do for the past 7 months, they recovered all my money and I wish I would have instructed them sooner.

Private Individual (Personal Loan Debt)

I have no faults in recommending your service to any business that suffers with bad debt. You have helped me recover two of my cases in full and another is repaying the balance in installments, which will be settled shortly. Your service is A+, I couldn’t ask for a better service.

Web Design and Developer

Dear Penny,

I am writing to thank you for all your help in recouping the £30,000.00 debt which had been outstanding to my family for some 18 months. From the start, yourself, Nick and Julie employed a professional, firm, yet commonsense approach, which never lost focus on the main goal of collecting the debt.

Within three months of contacting you the debt was cleared and I have no hesitation in recommending you to any other businesses and parties, finding themselves with similar difficulties.

Many thanks and the very best of regards.

Property Management Company

We instructed Judge’s Demand after receiving a poor service from other debt recovery agencies.

Judge’s Demand have provided a fantastic service across the whole of the Group with excellent results, and with a very reliable team.

Communication is regular and advise given is professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending Judge’s Demand to any business.

Thank you for your continuing support on behalf of the Group and for helping to secure the future of the business.

Housing Association

I instructed Judge’s Demand in relation to 10 months of outstanding rent that was due to me. The debtor made no effort to resolve the matter after many letters I had sent to them, they then moved from the address and failed to supply a forwarding address.

Judge’s managed to trace the debtor within 24 hours and proceeded with their recovery action.

I was very pleased to hear that the debtor had responded to their first letter with full payment. I would recommend any business that suffers from bad debt to use Judge’s Demand.

Private Landlord

Many thanks for your prompt action resulting in early payment from the debtor, without the need for litigation.  As you appreciate, our previous attempts to obtain payment were not responded to, so you involvement proved to be very effective.

Chartered Building Surveyor

We could not get a response from our customer in Ireland for payment of 3 outstanding invoices.

It took a very short time period for Judge’s Demand to gain their attention and produce results.

Many thanks to Judge’s Demand, we would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Industrial Automation Engineering Company

We have been using the services of Judge’s Demand for over 2 years and I can recommend them for this service. Debt collection is a very frustrating process by its very nature.

However, Judge’s Demand are able to provide another method of collecting what is due. Sam, in particular, has been very helpful in the support she has provided, providing regular feedback on cases in progress and advice on other methods to aid collection. With this regular contact we have been able to tailor reports she provides to suit the needs of the practice and enable us to keep our own records up to date.

It is always frustrating, when chasing debtors, that they are able to ‘get away’ with ignoring their debts but by adding Judge’s Demand into the process, this increases the likelihood of collecting more of the money owed.

Veterinary Hospital

Having chased a debtor for several months with no response, we approached Judge’s Demand to help in the recovery of several outstanding invoices.We found the JD team to be helpful, courteous and persistent in their efforts to recover the sum owed, and I am pleased to be able to say they effected a full recovery. I would whole heartedly recommend JD based on the service that we received.

Print and Wed Design Company

I have been using Judge’s Demand since 2013 after being referred to by a friend that was also using them. Judge’s Demand got straight on the case and successfully agreed settlement of £8,000.00 which was about 90% of the total debt. They have recently just recovered £12,400.00 and i would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else who suffers from bad payers.

Bathroom Fitter and Renovator

The service in relation to my court application for rents not paid and damages to my property has been exemplary. I have been impressed! Quickly and efficiently the matter has been dealt with and settlement made really fast. No complaints.

Property Management Company

We are a company based in Holland and we would like to thank Judge’s Demand for their outstanding action. We had been chasing our customer for over a year without success. When we found out about Judge’s Demand by from a UK based company, we contacted them and very quickly they proceeded with recovery. Within a week or two we had an agreement with our customer and we have now received the full payment of the outstanding debt!

We are really happy with their support and would never again hesitate to contact a debt collector agency as long it is Judge’s Demand. The good thing is, we kept the relationship with our customer, made new arrangements for future business and we can still work together when normally the relationship is aborted when a debt collector agency is instructed.

Global Logistics Company

Dear Judge’s Demand,

We are writing to thank you for all your hard work in recovery of outstanding monies due to us.

As you are aware we used another debt recovery company who had recovered some monies for us but failed to pay this on to us, with the assistance of Judge’s Demand and there panel Solicitor we were successful in winding up the debt recovery company and the fraud prosecution against the Director.

We have no hesitation recommending you to any business that suffers from bad debt and look forward to your continued support, hard work and successful collections.

Ready Mixed Concrete Specialist

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued hard work, help and assistance you have supplied us since 2010. You recently successfully recouped from a large construction company the amount of £4,500.00 for us, which had been outstanding for quite a considerable amount of time. This was successfully recovered by yourselves, within 5 weeks of us contacting you with the details.

Well done… and please do continue with the great service and excellent assistance you have provided to us.

Scaffolding Company

Dear Judge’s Demand,

Thank you for being so professional and recovering my money so efficiently, also my thanks to Penny for giving your company the personal touch, I never felt like i was talking to a robot. I am so impressed, I mentioned to Penny ‘I don’t like Mondays’ a few weeks ago, so when Penny rang me on Monday she told me ‘I know you don’t like Mondays but I have some good news for you, I have recovered £17,000.00’. That personal touch makes a big difference.

Again many thanks to you all for an excellent result as I had used another debt recovery company without success, if I can recommended your company to anyone I surly will.

Private Individual

We are very impressed with the service we’ve received from Judge’s Demand to date.

We passed them some of our ‘old’ debts to collect, one of them being over two years old for unpaid rent on a commercial business. After service of a Statutory Demand and further negotiations we have finally reached an agreement on a debt of £14,000.00.

We will be passing further debts to them in the New Year and hopefully they will continue to be successful on our behalf…..keep up the good work!

Commercial Leasing Company

I’ve tried loads of debt recovery companies who all claim to be the best etc but they have achieved nothing or very little until I found Judge’s Demand that is.

Judge’s Demand are very professional and do what they say. Debts dating back years are now making payments to my company thanks to Judge’s Demand.

I cannot praise them enough, they take the work and worry away from me and achieve results, allowing me to get on with my work. If you want a company that delivers results, this is it.

Thank you Judge’s Demand

Private Day Nursery

Excellent Service!! From the lady who answers the phone down to your handler and/or Partner returning queries. Always polite and friendly on the phone whilst being very knowledgeable at the same time. We will continue to use you for any ongoing matters and would not hesitate to recommend you to others looking for a highly professional debt recovery company.

RTA Lead Marketing Company

Very happy with the service from Judge’s Demand. We’ve been Clients for a number of years and make use of their debt recovery services intermittently. They’ve recently recovered a large debt for us, in full, with all the costs. Didn’t cost us a penny. We’re also in the process of receiving monthly payments from a bad debt we’d written off a couple of years ago. JD successfully negotiated with the debtor to triple his initial offer of a monthly payment.

We also makes use of JD’s Credit Checking service, a request for which is responded to very promptly, which has enabled us to avoid supplying credit to potential bad customers.

Very pleased with the service from the JD team, particularly Penny, who has been our main contact over the recent debts recovered. Have always received honest and forthright advice and have been kept informed throughout the process.

Farming Supplier

We were recommended Judges Demand and have always found their advice to be professional and efficient and the service to be very affective. Nick and Penny have always been extremely responsive to enquiries and the management of claims professionally handled.

Digital Marketing Agency

Dear Sirs,

This is just a short letter thanking you for your efficient and superb service you give me in collecting my outstanding debts after my retirement as a chartered accountant.

I had chased clients time and time again, but with limited success. i ‘Googled’ ‘Debt Collectors’, found your firm and contacted you. You agreed to act for me on the telephone straight away, even tough i was many miles away from you geographically appointing you has been one of the best business decisions that i ever made. You have chased my debtors and recovered thousands of pounds for me, for which i am sincerely thankful.

If any other prospective clients approach you, you are very welcome to show them this letter and if they wish to contact me direct, they are most welcome.

Once again, many many thanks.’

Chartered Accountant

As a sole trader doing everything alone, having to face a customer who becomes difficult and making excuses to avoid repayment is frustrating.

This is when I call on the services of Judges Demand. They know what to do when dealing with problematic clients.  They are very helpful and to their every step, I feel confident and assured.  They will listen and implement the best solution to the problem.  At the same time giving the customer the ample amount of time to correct their mistake and opportunity to cover their missed payment.  As of now, I don’t see any reason to worry about the problem in collection  of monies owed to me anymore.  They are my saviour,  I have never been more confident in dealing with a business and customer knowing that I can always count on Judges Demand.  I hope they continue helping businesses like me; they are the ones we can depend on.  They are an essential to any business and I wish them good luck and God bless.

Financial Services Company

We started off with a trial period with Judges Demand and within a couple of days of them sending letters, we received payment in full.

We then paid a one off fee for unlimited instructions. Since then every invoice we have sent them to recover has been paid. The service we have received has been very impressive. Every phone call and email is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. We receive regular reports on progress and when cases are closed.

It is nice to know that we don’t have to spend time and energy chasing invoices when there is a company like Judges Demand who do this very efficiently for us!

Contract Cleaning Company